Welcome to Clinks Responsible Service of Alcohol Test.

As you have recently completed the Clinks Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Module, you must now complete the below questionnaire, ensuring a 100% result in order to be issued with your Clinks RSA Certificate as so you can commence delivering on behalf of Clinks. On completion of this test, we will be in contact with your result.

Thanks, Team Clinks.

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    1. True or false, It is illegal to sell / deliver / distribute alcohol to persons under 18 years of age?

    2. True or false, You have the right to refuse the complete sale of alcohol once it is in good faith and for the purpose of complying with the liquor licensing Legislation?

    3. By definition under the licensing laws a "drunken" person means a person who is intoxicated to such an extent as would give rise to concern that they (select one):

    4. What is the minimum age a person must be in order to sell / deliver / distribute alcohol? Select one:

    5. Which of the following is NOT a common sign of drunkenness? Select one:

    6. An age document must contain two of the following (please select correct answers). Select one or more:

    7. What approach best describes how you should refuse a sale? Select one:

    8. True or False, Selling / distributing alcohol to a minor is grounds for dismissal and potential legal prosecution?

    9. Selling alcohol carries unique responsibilities because (select one):

    10. Where you have had to refuse a sale you should (select one):

    11. Which form of I.D. is the only legally valid form to accept?

    12. The aim of the Equal Status legislation is to avoid (select one):

    13. To verify that an I.D. is correct you must do the following (select one):

    14. Which of the following is NOT a valid age document? Select one:

    15. Which of the following are objectives of the Liquor Licensing Legislation? Select one or more: