Clinks are the online drinks delivery specialist with experience and understanding of how to make the customer journey easy and simple.


We partner with local businesses that host a vast range of Beer, Wines and Spirits to ensure our customers’ requirements are always met and fulfilled.


Our team of riders and drivers are fully trained in the delivery of alcohol and with local knowledge, delivery of goods has never been easier.

Returning to Ireland after more than 11 years in Australia, co-founders Andrew and Regina Scannell were surprised by the absence of an on-demand alcohol sales and delivery service for consumers in throughout Europe.

Having observed the success of a similar concept in Australia, the USA, and various other countries over the past decade, and drawing on their expertise in Sales, Marketing, and Tech, they decided to establish Clinks, Ireland’s rapidly growing drinks delivery service.

Crafted with a commitment to customer convenience and a seamless user experience (UX), Clinks offers a diverse array of premium products, ensuring consumers can enjoy a quick and user-friendly delivery service from a selection of local retailers—all delivered to your doorstep in under 60 minutes.