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Make staying in the new going out with the perfect drinks pairings. The flavours of your meal, coupled with the right drink, can elevate your takeaway this weekend into something really special. All drinks recommendations are available to order on the Clinks app. Cheers!

Going to the Chipper? This food pairs well with full-flavoured craft beers such as a good IPA. An IPA works well with chicken burgers, beef burgers, and fish and chips because its bitterness and hoppy flavours help to cut through the richness of the food, while also complementing the savoury flavours. The carbonation in an IPA also helps to cleanse the palate between bites. Additionally, the hoppy aroma of an IPA can enhance the overall sensory experience of enjoying these classic comfort foods.

Clinks thinksChieftain IPA Designed for casual enjoyment, it has a mild and fresh hoppiness and a moderate alcohol content at 5.5% ABV, but still maintains the powerful presence of an Indian Pale Ale.

Pizza and Italian red wine or lager are classic combinations. The acidity of the tomato sauce in pizza works well with the tannins in red wine, while the carbonation of lager helps cut through the richness of the cheese. .

Clinks thinks: Pasqua Montepulciano is a characterful red wine with gentle tannins, excellent structure and a bright intense colour. It offers sensations of ripe red fruits as well as spicy hints. If you’d prefer a lager

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a pale golden, crisp and refreshing beer, with a delicate balance of bitterness, citrus and aromatic notes and a fast, clean finish. Perfect for any Italian pizza party!

Chinese food pairs well with Riesling. It is the magic potion for Chinese food, especially off-dry riesling, which balances out Chinese food’s glorious salt, sweetness and spice with acidity, body and that hint of residual sugar. The flavours of Chinese dishes, such as soy sauce and hoisin, complement the fruity notes of the wine. Try a dry riesling, rosé or sparkling wine to provide enough fruit and acidity to cut the richness.

Clinks thinks: Villa Maria Reisling is the one for this takeaway. This deliciously crisp wine is mouthwatering and brimming with lime and delicate florals.

Spicy food like Thai and Indian dishes are best enjoyed with beer or a glass of wine. The carbonation in beer helps soothe the heat in the food, while the relative sweetness of wine works to balance the spiciness. Deciding what to drink with spicy food is a bit like asking what to drink with European food – it’s so incredibly varied. Bear in mind how hot the food is overall, and what you like to drink, and anything from a beer to a fruity cocktail could be your answer. Stands to reason the hotter the food the more cooling you want your drink!

Clinks thinks: Try the Screaming Devil Côtes de Provence Rosé A really lively vibrant wine with a fresh and saline structure, beautiful zesty length and intense aromas. Would be amazing with a fragrant curry!

Sushi and sparkling wine are a match made in heaven. The lightness of the wine complements the delicate flavours of the sushi, making for a refreshing and satisfying pairing. Bubbly hits all the wine pairing elements- lighter body, good acidity, lower alcohol, but the fizz is also a great palate cleanser. 

Clinks thinks: Prosecco is a great all-around sushi wine pairing. Try Graham Norton’s Own Prosecco Frizzante. A refreshingly crisp and delicate sparkling with a fragrant bouquet of apple, acacia flowers and hints of tropical fruits. 

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