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Kinsale Spirit Company, based in Cork, is a distillery that has been making waves in the spirits industry. Founded in 2017, the company has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality, handcrafted spirits. Here are three of their products that are available to order on the Clinks App.

One of their most popular products is Kinsale Gin, a refreshing and citrusy gin, which is made using a unique blend of 21 botanicals, including meadowsweet, elderflower, and angelica seeds. This gin has a smooth, clean taste and is perfect for a refreshing gin & tonic or a classic martini. We love it paired with Elderflower tonic, plenty of ice & a slice of lime here at Clinks HQ. 

Another standout product from Kinsale Spirit Company is their Red Earl Whiskey. It is inspired by Red Hugh O’Donnell and the Battle of Kinsale, a pivotal moment in Ireland’s history. Red Earl Blended Irish Whiskey is a combination of ex bourbon-barrelled grain Irish whiskey and ex-sherry triple distilled malt, matured for 45 months and then merged to spend a further minimum period of 4 months in ex-Rioja casks. The result is a medium bodied, complex whiskey with notes of vanilla, toasted almonds, caramel and spice.

For those who prefer a smokier whiskey, Kinsale Spirit Company offers Spanish Earl, which is made using malted barley that has been smoked with beech wood. This gives the whiskey a unique, smoky flavour that is complemented by notes of vanilla and honey.

Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey starts its ageing in ex-Bourbon casks for nearly 4 years and then is split into two finishing casks, ex-Imperial stout and ex-aged, golden Jamaican rum. The Spanish Earl, Juan del Aguila, was a popular figure with Cork locals. This influences the stout finish of this whiskey, combined with a hint of rum ageing, for extra sweetness and nose. The two triple-distilled malt Irish whiskeys are then recombined after at least 3 months apart, and bottled. The tastes of coffee and dark chocolate prevail, with an Irish stout creaminess and hints of dried & tropical fruit flavours that linger. 

All of these exceptional products from Kinsale Spirit Company are available for purchase on Clinks Drinks Delivery App. Whether you’re a gin lover or a whiskey aficionado, Kinsale Spirit Company has something to offer. So why not treat yourself to a bottle today and experience the exceptional taste of some of Cork’s finest spirits?