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Cocktails don’t have to be just for nights out, they can make a night in extra special too! 

Here are two classic gin cocktails you can make at home this weekend. Clean, crisp, and sophisticated, with plenty of aromatic goodness, we have a selection of great gins here at Clinks. All available to be delivered straight to your door. 

Raspberry Collins

Raspberries and Lemon combined with gin to make a sweet but zingy Collins.

50ml gin

25ml simple syrup

5 fresh raspberries 

25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, plus a lemon wedge to serve

Soda water


Muddle the raspberries and syrup in a highball glass, then add the gin and lemon juice. Stir well, then fill the glass with ice. Top up with soda water and pop in a lemon wedge and you have a refreshing and tasty cocktail.

To make your own simple syrup, dissolve some caster sugar in an equal weight of almost-boiled water in a pan, then allow to cool. It will keep in a sterilised bottle in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

French 75

If you love Gin & Champagne, then this elegant classic will be sure to bring joy to any night in.

50ml gin 


15 ml lemon juice

5ml simple syrup


Lemon twist to garnish

Pour the lemon juice, sugar syrup and gin into a cocktail shaker then fill up with ice. Shake well then strain into a champagne flute. Top with a little champagne, leave to settle (as it will bubble up) then fill up with more champagne. Swirl gently with a cocktail stirrer or long teaspoon, then garnish with a strip of lemon zest if you like. 

Use Cava or Prosecco instead of Champagne if you prefer. Just make sure to use one that is crisp and dry. Don’t have a cocktail shaker at home? A large jar with a lid or a coffee travel mug will work perfectly well. Cheers!